Paper pouches

with twisted handle


Designed to replace the use of plastic bags

Twisted handle pouch bags, with bottom gusset and sealing flap on top. Made of 80gsm eco-friendly kraft paper, in natural brown colour. Twisted handle pouch bags is an affordable, environmental friendly solution, that came from the need to limit the use of plastic bags.




Multibags twisted handle paper bags are made of pure white kraft paper, and the twisted handles are glued on the inside.
Twisted handle paper bags are suitable for use in any store, whereas their low price and high quality turned these bags
to the most flexible packaging solution.

MATERIAL: Pure white kraft paper, 80-110gsm (according to the size)
SIZES IN STOCK (Width + gusset / height):
18+8/23 cm.
18+8/33 cm.
26+12/31 cm.
32+12/41 cm.
41+12/41 cm.
46+16/44,5 cm.

CUSTOMIZATION: Upon order, the paper bags can be customized,
with printing (internal or external) of up to 7 colors, which can cover up to 100% of the paper surfaces.
As additional finishing touches, metal prints, cotton-coated handles, and white cardboard insert can be added.


with die cut handle

Die cut paper bags, made of ecological kraft paper in a natural brown color. The absence of bleaching elements in the paper material underlines the ecological character of the bags, which are suitable for use in the catering sector. The suitability for the use of this bag in the catering industry is enhanced by the bag's large gusset, which allows the placement of packages and double coffee bases, which are traditionally used by restaurants, patisseries, take-away, etc.

Available in 2 dimensions (length + gusset / height):

21+12/27.5 cm.

28+15/34.5 cm.

FREE delivery

We completely exempt you from the cost of shipping and delivering your products, whether your order concerns ready-to-deliver items from our e-shop, or items that were made on demand.

FREE creative design

The Graphic Department of Multibags undertakes the design of the bags, the logo and the visual branding of your company for free.

FREE cliches

If you choose to work with us, we relieve you of the significant cost of producing photopolymer printing rubbers (clichés) for all paper bags.