Twisted handle paper bag (White kraft) 18+8/33 cm (box of 500 pcs)

97,5300 box / price with VAT

MINIMUM ORDER: 500 pieces (1 box)

UNIT PRICE: €0.157

Twisted handle paper bag, made of ecological kraft paper, in bright white colour, thanks to the use and addition of special bleaching elements in the raw material of the paper (papermaking pulp). Due to its vertical layout, this bag was designed to carry bottles, and is therefore recommended for use in liquor stores. However, the use of this bag can be extended to other commercial sectors such as gift shops and household goods.

Choose, therefore, the dimension 18+8/33 cm (length + gusset/height) to place bottles (one large or two small ones), and any other small items in a vertical arrangement, without worrying too much about their weight, as the construction of the bag is extremely durable and robust even under the most demanding requirements.



Bag dimensions (without handles): 18+8/33 cm (length + gusset/height)
Handle dimension: : 8,5Y x 7,5M cm (8,5W x 7,5M)
Handle thickness: F3mm
Paper weight: 90 gsm (grams/m²)
Piece weight (approx.): 36 grams
Strength: 7 kg
Top finish: serrated (zig-zag cut)
Packaging: carton box of 500 pieces